2nd International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-­Infection Meeting

(An IAS affiliated event held just prior to IAS 2015)

Day 1



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HCV therapeutic development and access
Implementation of modern HCV therapy into clinical practice Jordan Feld (Canada) PowerPointThumb_0026_Feld
Right to care: in resource limited and high income settings Niklas Luhmann (Medecins du Monde) PowerPointThumb_0025_Luhmann
Prevention of viral hepatitis: Which strategies will work?
Antiviral prevention: treatment, PEP, PrEP Greg Dore (Australia) PowerPointThumb_0024_Dore
PMTC for viral hepatitis Lawrence Mbuagbaw (Canada) PowerPointThumb_0023_Mbuagbaw
Modelling the impact of increased testing and treatment on the HCV epidemic Homie Razavi (CDA, USA) PowerPointThumb_0022_Razavi
Optimising HCV treatment costs and outcomes
The minimum cost to cure HCV with DAAs revisited Andrew Hill (UK)  PowerPointThumb_0021_Hill
Can pricing strategies make a difference: The Brazil Experience Fabio Mesquita (Brazil) PowerPointThumb_0020_Mesquita
Impact of HCV cure on non-hepatic comorbidities Gail Matthews (Australia) PowerPointThumb_0019_Matthews
Hepatitis Prevention and Implementation (AIDS 2015 abstracts)
Global systematic review and meta-analysis of the seroprevalence of HBV and HCV infection in HIV-infected persons P.Easterbrook
Decreasing Prevalence of HCV-HIV Coinfection (2004-2013) in Madrid, Spain A. Díaz-De Santiago
The impact of serosorting on Hepatitis C and HIV coinfection amongst MSM: a modelling analysis N. Martin PowerPointThumb_0015_MacGregor_Martin
Low Incidence of Reinfection with Hepatitis C Virus after Successful Treatment in Montreal  E. Huchet  PowerPointThumb_0016_Huchet
HCV pathogenesis and therapeutic development (AIDS 2015 abstracts)
Discovery of a novel class of naturally occurring indirect-acting antiviral agents against both HIV-1 and hepatitis C virus infection F. Jean
The risk of cardiovascular disease and death over 10 years in HIV/HCV co-infected patients with and without steatosis C. Down PowerPointThumb_0018_Down
High Efficacy and Low Relapse Rates Observed with 8 or 12 Weeks of LDV/SOF STR in GT1 HCV Infected Treatment-Naïve, Non-Cirrhotic Patients with Pretreatment HCV RNA < 6 Million IU/mL D. Wyles PowerPointThumb_0017_Wyles

Day 2



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Hot topics in HBV
HBV cure agenda: How far along are we? Marion Peters (U.S.A.) PowerPointThumb_0013_Peters
Scaling up HBV testing & treatment: Challenges and successes Monique Andersson (S. Africa) PowerPointThumb_0012_Andersson
Does HBV DNA suppression reduce the risk of HCC? Henry Chan (Hong Kong) PowerPointThumb_0011_Chan
Complex issues in viral hepatitis management Chairs: Curtis Cooper & Christoph Boesecke Room: Ballrooms A & B
How short is short enough: optimal duration for HCV treatment Sanjay Bhagani (UK) PowerPointThumb_0010_Bhagani
Will resistance matter in the end? Jean Michel Pawlotsky (France) PowerPointThumb_0009_Pawlotsky
Do we already have solutions for all genotypes? Peter Ghali (Canada) PowerPointThumb_0008_Ghali
Workshop – A focus on people who inject drugs
The role of Drug policy in the HCV epidemic Dan Werb (Canada)  werb
Test and treat for HCV in PWID Jason Grebely (Australia)  PowerPointThumb_0006_Grebely
Linking HCV treatment to addiction care Julie Bruneau (Canada)  PowerPointThumb_0004_Bruneau
Workshop – Challenges and opportunities for scaling up viral hepatitis programs in low and middle and high income countries
Ukraine Ludmyla Maistat (Ukraine)  PowerPointThumb_0007_Maistat
Mongolia Wilbert Bannenberg (Netherlands) PowerPointThumb_0005_Bannenberg
Wellness through continuity: First Peoples in Canada, HIV and hepatitis C Alexandra King (Canada)  PowerPointThumb_0003_King
Public health advocacy and access to HCV therapy
Community-based organisations role in global advocacy for HCV therapy Karyn Kaplan (TAG) PowerPointThumb_0002_Kaplan
Implementation of HBV HCV programs in resource limited settings: MSF operational update Isabelle Andrieux-Meyer (MSF) PowerPointThumb_0001_Andrieaux

Event Organisers

2nd International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-­infection Meeting

Friday, July 17 – Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2R9, Canada
(604) 331-1000


Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre
1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R9, Canada
(604) 331-1000

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